Bonus Offers
How To Deliver Your interactr Bonuses

We highly recommend that you add additional exclusive bonuses in your promo when mailing.

To deliver these semi-exclusive bonuses to your customers just simply
paste this link on your JVZoo Affiliate page when requesting your link:

Asset Pack
In this interactr asset pack we'll give you video, audio and animation assets to help set up your interactive video experiences in the most professional way.
Retargeting Case Study How We Turned
$850 Into $16,982
Inside this case study we show you how to use video ads in the most effective way to bring in a good ROI by using retargeting. We show how we turned 800 buck into 16k.
5 Steps To 1 Million Views On YouTube
This was a special closed door training we're my friend shows how he gained millions of views and 50k subscribers in 3 days by hacking YouTube.
YouTube Ad
Inside this training you will learn exactly how to set up YouTube Ads so you can quickly and easily deploy your AdReel videos on YouTube and start getting traffic.
Facebook Video
Ads Mastery
Inside Facebook Video Ads Mastery you will learn how to set up FB Video Ads so you can start getting cheap, quality video traffic from Facebook straight away.
VideoSuite Play Button Creator
In 2017 Wistia found putting a video image inside the email gave a 40.83% increase in click-through rates, so we made a tool that allows you to create shockingly effective email video images. 
VideoSuite Spoiler Box Creator
The spoiler box creator can increase VSL sales by 73% by adding video spoiler boxes underneath your VSL without having to have any photoshop skills. Just use our custom built software.
VideoSuite Thumbnail Creator
The Thumbnail creator can boost video views by up to 10% by quickly and easily creating video thumbnail images that make your videos stand out from the crowd and get clicked.
VideoSuite Monthly Stock Video
To allow you to create better videos with AdReel we're giving you access to our monthly video asset club so you can get the exact video assets we use in our business.
VideoSuite Monthly Stock Audio
To allow you to create better videos with AdReel we're giving you access to our monthly audio asset club so you can get the exact audio assets we use in our business.

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